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Barefoot Design

The Barefoot caravan has been created with a colaboration of British design, originality and manufacturing expertise.

Our designers are from the Automotive and Transport Design course at Coventry University, which is recognised by the automotive industry as the leading undergraduate course in the UK.  They are ....Tom Buttigeig, Matt Cullis, Lewis Earle and Tom Ogen. As well as creating CAD models and beautiful drawings they got their hands dirty with clay, foam, wood, metal and fibreglass to help us perfect the unique Barefoot shape. 

Tom Buttigeig is now working in the design team at Jaguar Landrover, Matt is following his design interests with bikes, Lewis is designing in New Zealand, and Tom Ogen will be returning soon to finish the last year of his studies after an extended stay in Germany designing for Porsche. What a talented group ...... we are very grateful for all their help with the Barefoot caravan.

We have also been delighted to work with Nick Sharespeare of Bespoke Design Limited, Warwickshire who did much of the pattern making.  


Lewis Earl wins Bugatti Award


Many congratulations to Lewis who was awarded the Bugatti Trust Award for Innovation in Design and Engineering.

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