We are on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces!

Barefoot Caravans on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – Thursday 1st March 2018 8pm – Channel 4

When Cathy first approached the Amazing Spaces team at Plum Pictures back in 2014 to film the making of the unique Barefoot Caravan, she would never have believed that 4 years later she would finally be on the programme!  A firm follower of Amazing Spaces, with all its creativity and ingenious ideas, not to mention people’s ability to fit a lot into a small space, this was already one of Cathy’s favourite programmes.

Filming took place over about 5 days during 2015 and 2016.  First stop was Cheltenham Laminators, where the fibreglass Barefoot body was developed and perfected.  The programme shows how the “plug” was formed, from which the huge mould was made and mounted on a rotating gimbal – a bit like a giant hog roast!  Our first cream Barefoot was made in that mould, and many others in a variety of colours since.  Bob, Gary, Dave and the rest of the team were reluctant commentators but did a great job!

Then we went up to Graham Edwards Trailers in York where the bespoke chassis was designed, refined on computer, laser cut, welded and assembled.  Cathy was even persuaded to try her hand at a bit of welding too – although hardly dressed for the job!

Further filming took place at Auto-Sleepers where Brian Cross and his team worked with Cathy, Ben and Mike on the design and interior fit out.  No mean feat to fit a bathroom, kitchen, large bed, storage, essential wine rack (!)  and lots of other features into such a compact space.  Not a curve went untouched and we were delighted to keep the curves inside the caravan as well as outside.

And then on to the “big reveal” where we had a great day with Will Hardie and a crew of about 8 others at Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire.  Props were brought in by a set designer to make sure everything was just right.  Everything was embraced, well almost, Cathy drew the line at the pink hunter wellies they had brought for her to wear!  With family and friends we had a great time filming, chatting, eating and drinking and toasting marshmallows on the fire. 

Will Hardie commented that even though he hates caravans, he thought the Barefoot was fantastic and might just change his view!  He also said that it was the best built and finished unit he has come across on the show.

The Barefoot featured on the programme was our first demonstrator and has now been sold to a lovely couple, Karen and Ian, who christened it “Bug”!  Since then, most of our Barefoot Caravans have been given great names.  You will notice a couple of minor changes to the inside since our first Barefoot, but 99% remains unchanged.

Since the filming, our business has gone from strength to strength, with amazing reviews, press coverage, and most importantly lots of sales and happy customers!

What a brilliant experience and a lot of fun.

Cathy Chamberlain

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