Barefoot Story

After a wet weekend camping, Cathy Chamberlain decided that she wanted a stylish and cosy caravan to take her on adventures, but with a shower, a toilet and some luxury.

It had to be compact, cool and easy to tow! It didn’t take long to realise that such a caravan did not exist, so Cathy decided to design and build one that was just right.

She quickly teamed up with Cotswolds motorcycle side car manufacturer, Watsonian Sidecars (established for over 100 years) and along with her business partners Ben Matthews and Mike Williams-Raahauge, developed arguably the world’s coolest caravan.

In order to perfect the unique Barefoot shape, the Barefoot team engaged many experts in their fields. Many of the original designers and craftsmen remain involved, offering unparalleled British manufacturing and engineering.

Since creation in 2012, Barefoot Caravans have been an international success with sales throughout the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. Barefoot Caravans have been widely acclaimed in TV appearances (including George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, BBC World News and This Morning), and featured in many national newspapers, magazine features and industry reviews.

We are also proud to have a fabulous community of Barefoot Caravan Owners with regular events, and lifelong friendships made.

Barefoot Caravan Owners | Barefoot International

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