Spring is in the air! It’s time to get outdoors.

We are just back from two fabulous Caravan and Motorhome Shows  – the Scottish Show at the Glasgow SEC and the National Show at the NEC.  A big thank you to the organisers.

We are filled up with love and pride!  It was amazing to meet so many of you who have been following the Barefoot journey and to be welcoming so many of you to the Barefoot family over the next few months.  We are still have a couple of delivery slots available for August if you are ready to start your adventure.

Scotland we love you 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

What a joy to attend the Scottish Caravan Show at the SEC in Glasgow for the first time at the beginning of February.

Our lovely Barefoot Owners Fiona and Craig brought their very own Barefoot Caravan (called Bailey) to the Show and shared their experiences with many of the visitors. The warmth of the Scottish people, the humour, and their love of the outdoors is wonderful. Not forgetting the fabulous places to explore around the Highlands and Islands. We can’t wait to return. There are many Barefoot Caravans making their way to Scotland this Summer. This is definitely Barefoot land 👣

And then the Caravan of Love ❤️

What a lot of fun we had at the NEC last week with Ray Mears and the “Caravan of Love”!  There were some really good sports sharing their love for one another and their love of the outdoors in our special pink Barefoot.

Spring fever was in the air with people buying their leisure vehicles and planning their travels for 2024 and beyond.  It is great for visitors to be able to come along and compare what’s on the market.

We have lots of people weighing up a campervan vs. a Barefoot.  The conclusion for many is that the Barefoot wins – here are a few of the reasons why people “Go Barefoot”:

  • the Barefoot hand crafted style is hard to beat, it is something to be proud of – on the drive or on your travels
  • the one piece fibreglass body gives peace of mind that there will be years of leak free enjoyment
  • the shower and toilet are a big consideration, particularly when going wild
  • there’s no need to run an extra vehicle (or make every trip out in a campervan)
  • Barefoot is easy to tow, aerodynamic and narrow
  • once on site you unhitch and can take trips out with your car wherever you fancy. Campervans have to be packed up for trips off site and the pitch somehow reserved.
  • Barefoot is a great extra bedroom at home, or a working space.  It is very light with windows all the way around – a very tranquil space.
  • Barefoot Caravans are half the price of most campervans and hold their value really well
  • they are ideal for couples or solo travellers – for long weekends or weeks at a time
  • Barefoot has a great bespoke awning
  • you can customise your Barefoot to your own unique style

Don’t just take our word for it – we are happy to put you in touch with a local Barefoot Owner who can tell you all about it.  You can also follow the adventures of some of our Owners on Instagram – “Lottethebarefootcaravan” (Nick and Dom currently touring around Europe), “Petuniagoesbarefoot” (nature, food and healing) and “baileybarefootscotland” (Fiona and Craig’s adventures in Scotland).

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